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The Ultimate Helper

THE ULTIMATE HELPER By JEFF DANIELGod did not plan for us to walk the earth alone and helpless as orphans. He had a grand plan to help us through life, and that helper is the Holy Spirit. Without any doubt, The Holy Spirit is our ultimate helper.When Jesus walked the face of the earth, not only that He experienced the help of the Holy Spirit, he brought help, comfort and succor to everyone within his sphere of influence. But after he ascended into heaven; God fulfilled his promise of sending the Holy Spirit to help us too.Hence, as a believer you are never at disadvantage in life. The Holy Spirit is here to help you through life. He has not come to do his own will, but the will of Jesus on the earth. Therefore, it is high time we stay connected with His presence and power.This Book will open your eyes to the deep mysteries of God: The person, purpose and power of the Holy Spirit as well as ignite in you a passion for more of His glory in your life. Get ready for a supernatural empowerment for greater exploits.

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